Bottle carrier men's handbag for 8 x 0.5 liter bottles

Beer carrier, 8pcs beer carrier, eightpack, reusable beer carrier



You and your customers will appreciate it when the carrier can hold eight beer bottles. It's not only good for sales, but also won't let customers run out of beer so quickly.
With the inscription "men's handbag", our beer carrier is a customized, practical, reusable promotional gift for your customers.


  • Bottle carrier made of fine, light birch plywood
  • Practical, sturdy carrying handle made of beech wood
  • The frame is glued and nailed
  • Frame 8 mm thick
  • Bottom 3 mm thick
  • The beer carrier has space for 8 x 0.5 liter beer bottles
  • Imprint "Men"s handbag" includedMännerhandtasche" inklusive

Dimension inside:

  • Length 28.0 cm
  • Width 14,5 cm
  • Height 28.3 cm (height to carrying handle)

Dimension outside:

  • Length 29.8 cm
  • Width 16.2 cm
  • Height 30.7 cm (total height)


  • 0,82 kg

Wood type

  • Birch plywood


  • Bottle carrier only WITHOUT CONTENTS available!