Craft plywood from KF-Holz

Plywood panels in the various thicknesses and formats

Are you looking for the perfect material for your creative projects? Then KF-Holz is the right place for you! We offer you a large selection of plywood sheets in various thicknesses and formats, which are ideal for laser cutting, printing and a wide range of handicrafts.

Whether filigree design or robust model making: our poplar or birch plywood panels meet the highest standards of quality and precision. They are easy to work with and guarantee optimum results when cutting, routing and drilling.

Plywood panels made from birch plywood

You can use birch plywood to realize a wide variety of projects. Birch plywood is more stable and has a higher strength than poplar plywood. It is very easy to work with and has a high level of stability. You can choose from 3 different thicknesses - 3 mm, 4 mm and 6 mm. These thicknesses can also be easily sawn with a fretsaw, even by children. The craft wood is ideal for model making and various DIY and craft projects.

Craft wood & plywood made from poplar plywood

There are many possibilities with poplar craft plywood. Poplar plywood is very light, soft and easy to work with. You can choose from 3 different thicknesses - 3 mm, 4 mm and 6 mm. Even children can easily saw these thicknesses with a fretsaw. Poplar craft wood is the ideal material for your craft projects. Poplar plywood can also be used for model making thanks to its light yet stable properties.

The advantages of KF-Holz plywood blanks

  • Large selection: Various thicknesses (3 mm, 4 mm and 6 mm) and formats for every requirement
  • Precise cuts: cut to the millimeter according to your wishes
  • High-quality material: top-quality poplar and birch plywood
  • Versatile application: laser cutting, printing, handicrafts, model making and much more
  • Simple processing: easy sawing, milling and drilling
  • Fast delivery: short delivery times and reliable shipping

Order your plywood blanks from KF-Holz now and let your creativity run wild!