Bottle carrier for 6 x 0.33 liter beer bottles

Beer carrier, Pilstragerl, Sixpack, Reusable carrier



The ever-popular Pilstragerl cannot be imagined without and is one of the most ordered products. The beverage industry knows why. By attaching their logo, our Pilsträger becomes the ideal promotional gift.


  • Bottle carrier made of fine, light birch plywood
  • Practical, sturdy carrying handle made of beech wood
  • The frame is glued and nailed
  • Frame thickness 8 mm, bottom 3 mm thick
  • The beer carrier has space for 6 x 0.33 liter bottles

Dimension inside:

  • Length 19.0 cm
  • Width 13.0 cm
  • Height 27.0 cm (height to carrying handle)

Dimension outside:

  • Length 20.8 cm
  • Width 14,5 cm
  • Height 29.3 cm (total height)


  • 0,64 kg

Wood type

  • Birch plywood


  • The bottle carrier is only available WITHOUT CONTENTS!