1 meter beer for 0.33 liters beer bottles

Bottle carrier, returnable carrier, 1 meter beer



What is still missing their beverage trade or brewery? The answer is our "1 meter beer bottle carrier" The party cruncher will do your sales good and create a great atmosphere.


  • Frame and bottom made of birch plywood, glued and nailed
  • carrying handle made of birch plywood, glued and nailed
  • 1-sided printed with the inscription "1 meter of beer
  • Bottle carrier has space for 16 bottles á 0.33 liters

Dimension inside:

  • Length 101 cm
  • Length per compartment approx. 49.9 cm
  • Width 6,3 cm
  • Height to carrying handle 29.5 cm

Dimension outside:

  • Length 103.7 cm
  • Width 8,2 cm
  • Total height 31.7 cm


  • 1,90 kg

Wood type

  • Birch plywood


Beer carrier only available WITHOUT CONTENTS!