Wooden gift and product packaging

Your specialist for classic and innovative wood products!

In times of the "COVID19 crisis", stop spending your money on expensive sea freight from faraway countries and invest in domestic quality.

The most sustainable products made of wood come from the heart of Europe - they come from us!

Custom wooden gift boxes

Our wooden boxes and wooden cassettes can be customized and filled. We produce according to your needs and requirements. With our durable wooden boxes, even when the contents are used up, you or your customers will have a practical wooden box to store many personal items. Our wooden boxes can be perfectly closed and stacked.

Earth, water, air - these are not only elementary basic materials for our most important raw material: wood. These elements are also a piece of what makes up our philosophy at KF-Holz. Earth - because we are down to earth. We want to achieve sensible solutions for what our partners and customers need.

Affordable and high-quality at the same time. Living up to the claim: just right.
Or as we say here: Fits.

Water - we are constantly on the move. We are looking for new technologies for processing, for the development and implementation of ideas and concepts that our customers have. And we accompany you in this brainstorming. Because our knowledge should also flow to our customers. So that we can find good solutions together.

Air - our products should be like the air. They give the perfect space to what is surrounded by it. Without pushing themselves into the foreground. We want to be the frame that supports as packaging what the content offers. The piece of craft what you hardly see, but would notice if it is not there. Earth, water, air - these are more than just elements for us. They are the basis of our concept. They are the basis of our success. And they should also be the basis of our customers' success. With this film we want to make a part of this philosophy visible in a different way. To give you an insight into high-tech and craftsmanship. Precision and technology. Because only when all this comes together can we do justice to the infinite possibilities that our fascinating material wood offers.

Since August 2018, our production plant has been almost energy-neutral in its heating energy and power supply thanks to the use of a large-scale photovoltaic system and a state-of-the-art heating system in which our own wood cuttings are utilized.

Customization of your wooden box or wooden case

We will be happy to advise you on the design of your advertising. You can have your wooden boxes and wooden cassettes finished by staining or painting in a variety of colors with us.

Your company logo, any lettering (e.g. Merry Christmas wishes KF-Holz) or any image you wish can be printed individually by screen or digital printing in a variety of colors or as laser or brand print.

    With us you can also have your goods packaged.
    Of course, we will gladly take care of the logistics and shipping of the goods.