Individualisations and customised products

You are looking for your individual product made of wood

We will be happy to advise you on the design of your advertising. You can have your wooden boxes and wooden cassettes finished by staining or painting in a variety of colors with us. Your company logo, any lettering or image that you wish can be individually printed by screen or digital printing in a variety of colors or as a laser or brand print.

We are also the right contact for larger projects.

When the Wanderhuhn project was born a few years ago in our community of Moosdorf, we were of course immediately enthusiastic about the idea. Since then, we produce the laying nests of the so popular wandering coops.

From the idea of the wandering chicken then also arose the idea to produce a small alternative for small farmers or private individuals. Since more and more private individuals attach importance to the fact that they get their egg from their own happy chickens, we came up with a small variant.

E voilá - this is the small version of the mobile coops. This mobile barn, specially created by the company KF-Holz for private individuals offers space for 4-5 happy chickens. Go back to the source and get so from their own happy chickens healthy, large and tasty organic eggs.

If you are interested, please send your request by mail to or by phone to +43 676 50 18 610.

From 300 pieces, we will be happy to make your custom product.
Our wooden packaging is produced exclusively in our own factory - No imported goods!