Delivery and shipping costs

KF - HOLZ Kaltenegger GmbH


Our sales prices do not include the costs for delivery, assembly and installation. Our sales prices do not include shipping costs, which are shown separately during the ordering process or can be called up in the "Delivery and shipping costs" section.

If your shipping volume is more than 0.5 m³, the shipping costs are no longer calculated automatically. Please use the possibility of the non-binding offer request and you will receive as soon as possible a total offer with the most favorable shipping costs for you.

In the case of a delivery to a non-EEA country, the consumer shall bear all import and export charges as well as any customs duties and fees and charges.


Unless we immediately notify the customer that we do not accept his order, we shall deliver to the customer no later than 30 days after we have received his order.

For a display of shipping costs, please select the destination country for your order.

Stagger Total price
Until 0,10 m3 5,50 EUR
From 0,10 to 0,20 m3 11,00 EUR
From 0,20 to 0,30 m3 16,50 EUR
From 0,30 to 0,40 m3 22,00 EUR
From 0,40 to 0,50 m3 27,50 EUR
From 0,50 to 0,60 m3 33,00 EUR
From 0,60 to 0,70 m3 38,50 EUR
From 0,70 to 0,80 m3 44,00 EUR
From 0,80 to 0,90 m3 49,50 EUR
From 0,90 to 1,00 m3 55,00 EUR
About 1,00 m3 No shipping