Closed beer crate for 12 x 0.5 liter beer bottles

Beer boxx for 1 dozen beers



Beer crate closed for 1 dozen beer bottles á 0.5 liters. The eye-catcher bad for any beverage market. The crate makes every beer look good. Provided with the brewery or beverage market logo, this product is the best advertising.


  • Closed beer crate made of fine light birch plywood.
  • The beer crate offers space for 12 beer bottles á 0.5 liters
  • Beer crate fits beer bottles with a maximum diameter of 69 mm
  • frame 8 mm thick
  • bottom and lid 3 mm thick
  • frame and bottom nailed
  • fittings brass colored
  • side parts provided with recessed grips
  • insert removable

Dimension inside:

  • Length 29.3 cm
  • Width 22,0 cm
  • Height 27.5 cm

Dimension outside:

  • Length 32.5 cm
    Width 24,0 cm
    Height 28.7 cm


  • 2,44 kg

Wood type

  • Birch plywood

InfoBeer crate only WITHOUT CONTENTS!