Sustainable production of wood products

On the safe side with KF wood and for the sake of the environment

At KF-Holz, the sustainable production of wood products is our top priority. We are committed to ensuring that our products are not only of the highest quality, but are also manufactured in harmony with nature.

From sustainable forestry

The wood for our products comes from sustainably managed forests in Austria. We work closely with foresters to ensure that the forests are preserved for future generations.

Resource-conserving production

We use state-of-the-art technologies in our production facilities to minimize resource consumption and avoid waste.

For example, we use a state-of-the-art photovoltaic system to generate environmentally friendly electricity.

In addition, we use resource-saving materials and continuously optimize our production processes to keep the ecological footprint of our products as low as possible.

Short transportation routes

Our products are produced and distributed in Austria. This allows us to avoid long transportation routes and reduce CO2 emissions.
Products for a healthy home

Our wood products are not only sustainably produced, but also healthy and safe for your home. They are free from harmful substances and ensure a pleasant indoor climate.

With KF wood for a better future

By purchasing KF wood products, you are setting an example for sustainability and environmental protection. You are helping to ensure that our forests are preserved for future generations and that the environment is protected.

KF-Holz: Your partner for sustainable wood products.