The promotional gift for your customers and business partners!

You can't advertise more cost-effectively and sustainably than this.

Use the right moment to show your appreciation to your customers, business partners or those who should become your customers in the form of a fillable business card and leave your personal contact details at the same time.

You can fill your KOBOXX with sweets of your choice, with product samples or with small lucky charms. This way you can adapt your advertising material to the respective occasion and you are always up to date.

You want to give your customers or business partners a little treat. Our KOBOXX is just the thing for you.

Order the KOBOXX in a colour to match your business card or your Christmas wish, fill it with treats or whatever your heart desires. Your individual promotional gift is ready.

Today's common format of business cards corresponds to the well-known "cheque card format", which is 85 x 55 mm in Europe or 85.6 x 54 mm according to the ISO 7810 standard. Therefore, most printers offer business cards in the dimensions 85 x 55 mm or 85 x 54 mm.

For orders of 500 or more, we can also customise the colour of the KOBOXX to match your business card.
For larger quantities, we would be happy to receive your order by e-mail at