Packing to our KOBOXX

We have the right single box for the KOBOXX for you!



The right shipping box to match the KOBOXX.


  • Type FEFCO 0427
    The box is a folding box with overlapping lid flaps - ideal for quick filling. The closure is ergonomically shaped and uncomplicated. The overlapping ends of the folding lid on the side can be tucked into the carton to close it. No tape is needed to assemble the carton. It is designed to be erected by tucking the tabs together.
    Note: Still, for shipping with this box, extra security should not be omitted. Tape would be a good solution to protect the contents from theft.

INSIDE dimensions of our CARTON for the KOBOXX

  • Length 9,5 cm
  • Wide 6,5 cm
  • Height 4,5 cm


The boxes are provided exclusively in the appropriate quantity for folding yourself.