Solid wood wine box 34 x 17,5 x 8,5 cm

Wooden box for wines, spirits, spices, oils, ...



Our wine box is specially designed to hold two bottles of wine. Whether it's your favorite wines that you want to keep safe or a gift set for special occasions, this box has enough space.
The timeless design of the wine crate blends seamlessly into any setting. The natural wood grain gives each crate a unique touch. A sturdy handle allows for comfortable transportation.


  • frame and bottom glued and nailed
  • lid provided with recessed grip
  • frame ca. 9 mm thick
  • lid ca. 8 mm thick
  • bottom ca. 3 mm thick
  • with 1 divider
  • side part provided with rope handle
  • can be filled with decorative, protective wood wool


  • Length 34 cm
  • Width 17,5 cm
  • Height 8,5 cm


  • Length ca. 36 cm
  • Width ca. 19,5 cm
  • Height ca. 10 cm


  • 0,98 kg


  • Pine wood


The wine boxes are only available WITHOUT CONTENTS!
You can find the matching replacement lids for our wooden boxes under Ersatzdeckel | für Weinkiste | 34 x 17,5 x 8,5 cm - Zubehör für unsere Wein- und Holzkisten - KF-Holz Holzprodukte