Pinewood cassette 12.5 x 8.5 x 4.5 cm

Gift box made of fragrant pinewood

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You want to increase customer loyalty in your hotel? Then our guest gift box is exactly the right thing. Provided with your logo or image, the box will be taken home by your hotel guests and thus calls your hotel even after years in the memory.
You can fill the box with specialties from your region or just provide it with your business card.


  • Frame finger jointed corner joints
  • glued bottom and lid
  • frame approx. 6-8 mm thick
  • bottom and lid approx. 4 mm thick
  • fittings (2 hinges and 1 lock) brass colored
  • can be filled with decorative, protective wood wool

Dimension INSIDE

  • Length 12,5 cm
  • Width 8,5 cm
  • Height 4,5 cm

Dimension outside

  • Length 13.7 cm
  • Width 10,7 cm
  • Height 5.1 cm


  • 0,28 kg

Wood type

  • Pinewood


The wooden cassettes are only available WITHOUT CONTENTS!